Mika'il Race

Mika'il overlooking a dune.

The Mika’il are a proud reptilian species made up of desert nomads living in a tribal culture. They live on the planet Tariq (the name the Mika’il gave it) and co-exist with a Hume tribe of berserkers. These Hume were adopted as honorary Mika’il generations ago for their ancestors’ skillful slaying of a Rafan dragon.

The Rafan dragon hunting is considered a divine spiritual experience and happens once every fifty years. It is conducted in a party of ten (a religiously significant number for the Mika’il, since there are ten moons orbiting their planet, each one believed to be a gift from their ten Gods) which includes the first born son of the Chieftain, the Chieftain himself, the champions of the Warrior competition, Hunter competition and Ranger competition, and one guest of each of these people

Mika'il chieftain

The Mika’il Chieftain; the spear he holds is made of an ancient Aesir sword, simply filed down.

The Mika’il make good use of left over Hume ordinance, from flash and frag grenades to now outdated rifles.

Hume beserkers taking down a Rafan dragon.

The Hume berserkers participating in the Rafan dragon hunt.

Mika'il Race

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