Hume Race

Hume woman in elevator.

The Hume are notorious for their cut-throat nature, and legendary for their destruction of the Aesir. Though, that feat was relatively forgotten in light of their inability to fend off the Reavers; many now account their destruction of the Aesir with sheer stupid luck. All in all, however, the Hume have proven to be a deadly force when it comes to military matters.

Their strength lies in a racial unity, to the point of xenophobia, and a dominating economy. The Hume military is split into two distinctive branches- The Fleet, and the Marines. The Marines are reliant on the Fleet for transportation, and the Fleet is reliant on the Marines to halt possible boarding enemies. Also, some Marines have a bit of piloting knowledge, having to fly in their inner-atmosphere drop ships, and have been known to pilot fighters and bombers when the need arises. Because of this, their military is tightly interwoven, and has an unbreakable mutual respect.

Hume military about to overrun Gand station on ice-moon.

Hume Marines ready to overrun a Gand refueling station on the frozen moon of Ik. As far as political policy goes, Hume try to exploit first, ask questions later. If a new race cannot offer them something useful, they will either eradicate the race or force them into submission and use them as cheap labor. Any planet with a relatively sophisticated race will be brought into the Hume Empire as second class citizens and little more.

They are tall, the average male reaching six feet three inches, and the average female reaching five feet eleven inches. They are all fair skinned and their hair varies little in hue- dark brown and silver to light blonde are the vast majority. They are a highly proud people and tend to discriminate against the other races.

The Hume are renowned traders and value their economic prowess as much as their military. The Hume military consists of four fleets (Adve, Nerl, Condin, Orn) led by the four flagships HFA Gideon, HFA Alexander, HFA Serebus and the legendary HFA Nero. The Hume favor large, strong ships to quickly quell problems so they can focus on their economic ambitions. Their technology focuses on atomic-scale engineering to perfect shield and hull designs. The power supply is run by generating anti-matter and feeding it to the super dense atom-matter known as Signis. The resulting energy is then funneled into various heat sinks, which power everything from the interior lights to the cannons and shielding.

Pictured below:
A squadron of Harpy-class fighters returning to their fuel depot. This particular squad scrambled to intercept a Sylvian freighter that was thought to carry military-grade weaponry to supply and arm rebel forces.
Harpy-class fighters

Hume Race

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