The Story So Far

Three hundred thousand years prior to the time our story starts, the Aesir were the sole superpower in the galaxy known as Orrum. The Aesir kept each other race stranded on their home planet, purposefully halting all technological advancement once they reached a pre-industrial age. The Aesir enjoyed complete freedom of faster than light travel and watched each system, each planet carefully.

This changed quickly when the Human race arrived in Orrum with massive colony ships, accompanied by a large fleet of war vessels. For three years no contact was made as the Humans sat at the fringes of the galaxy; they seemed to be sizing up their ability to fight the Aesir if the need arose. Both races quickly realized, however, that while the Humans were more technologically advanced (capable of intergalactic travel) the Aesir were too heavily dug in and an outright war between them both would simply mean catastrophe for everyone. Instead, the Aesir offered to welcome them as brothers and share their galaxy with them.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly for a hundred thousand years until massive amounts of Humans began to die from an unknown disease. One side effect of the disease was the bursting of small capillaries in the extremities and the inability for blood to coagulate, giving the infected a bright red appearance. From this, the name ‘Red Plague’ was coined and Human and Aesir scientists worked diligently to find a cure.

Eventually it was found that the disease attacked the Humans on a DNA level, destroying certain proteins that are vital to life. Quick to adapt, the Humans quickly began what was known as “Project Dionysus.” The goal of this plan was the creation of a new race, the Hume, that would be immune to this disease and carry on the legacy of mankind. The Aesir, having grown fond of the Humans, agreed to look after these new creations but not treat them the way they treated the other races- instead, they would encourage their technological growth and welcome them as allies.

With the last of the Humans dead, the Hume population numbered just a million- a faint ghost of the eleven trillion Humans who lost their lives. The Aesir taught the Hume a small selection of the Human languages, and made sure to present only certain mythologies to them. The Hume were taught a sanitized version of Human history, and were given their own solar system, which they named New Sol after the home system of their parent-race.

Over the course of sixty thousand years, the Hume race was finally deemed capable of serving in Aesir culture. The Hume joined the Aesir government, their military, their healthcare systems. Everything struck up a nice balance for an incredibly long time.

As more time passed, and Hume warriors helped put down various rebellions, and Hume government officials helped solve various problems, the Aesir began to acknowledge the Hume as equals, and offered them the chance to form their own government, their own fleet and their own military. The Hume took the opportunity, but insisted it be transitional, and a slow process.

Valfin Tynhe was quickly named the first Emperor of the Hume, however. The stout fifty three year old had a military career reaching back to his early teenage years and was at the time the most powerful and influential general in the whole military. After ten more years the grand old general retired, taking up a high ranking job in the Aesir government. It was his vision for his people that led to what happened next.

Over the course of twenty years the Hume prepared for a large-scale revolt. Having intimate knowledge of Aesir infrastructure and fleet command, the first and most decisive action of what was soon to be a horrific war was to begin slipping sterilization drugs into the food and water supply of largely Aesir populated worlds and ships. The first outright act of war, however, came when the Hume cut communications from planet to planet, and ship to ship. Hume Marines staged mutinies across the fleet, the vast majority of which were extremely successful. Within a year, the Hume were in control of over 70 percent of the massive Aesir fleet.

The job then became to absorb or destroy the remaining hostile ships. This took many years, and during the time the entire Hume population waged civil war against the Aesir on shared planets, and the Aesir dug in deep on their home worlds. From the time of the communications cut to the time the last of the surrendering Aesir was executed, the war was waged for 1,264 years.

The war torn Hume, who initially planned on being able to sustain rule over the entire galaxy, soon saw their dreams crushed. The secrets of the most sensitive logistical technologies of the Aesir, they found, were kept hidden from them. They were able to consolidate rule over nine systems before the benefits of their destruction of the Aesir were capitalized on by two other races- the Sylvians and the Gand. While the Sylvians were quick to form a government capable of standing against the Hume, the Gand focused on more subversive tactics, namely geurrilla warfare.

After thousands of years of war, which was pushed by each successive Hume Emperor, the people finally had enough. The first internal revolution took place at the urge of Faldien Strotha, a priest who wrote an anti-war missive entitled “Ten Thousand Years of War.” With the assassination of Emperor Laetius Ver, Faldien was named the new Emperor, and peace talks between the Sylvian and Hume people began- the Gand had long since been beaten into submission.

With new trade treaties established, and each side agreeing not to charge the other with war reparations, peace had once again been stabilized in the galaxy, for the first time in over ten thousand years. It was during this time that both races began colonization efforts of some areas of Lost Space- the systems neither were able to fully hold control over due to logistical issues.

Aside from the occasional slave revolt and skirmish with the Gand, the Hume did not have another wide spread war until the Great Reaver Attack. What provoked the slaughter is still a mystery to all but a select few, and it resulted in the Hume losing three systems to the Gand, and a dozen worlds being razed to the ground. Now, this is where our story begins. The Sylvian Empire decided to try their luck with taking Hume territory just like the Gand had, and over 60 percent of the Imperial Hume Marine Force has been tasked with aiding in rebuilding efforts. The Hume fleet and Marine Force, while grand in their own right, are currently stretched too thin, making this a perfect climate for mercenaries, pirates and adventurers.

The Story So Far

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