The Nexus

Nexus Manifest.

Above: The Nexus in physical form, as seen by extremely skilled engineers and hackers.

The Nexus is a massive network used to share information- to put in extremely simple terms, a galaxy-wide ‘internet.’ It was first created by information broker Felix Gramg who used it to hack into various planet-based security information banks. He amplified the signals using a special virus-like program and was able to use entire planets to bounce the signal off of.

The result- he was able to connect to any information bank from any planet anywhere. After sharing the idea with a few close friends, he was able to consolidate it into a single seamless program. After many years of racking up untold fortunes by being able to hack into just about any information bank in the galaxy, he eventually sold the program to the Hume Empire for the staggering price of three trillion credits and a personalized Botannical Garden-Class Cidatel Interstellar Station.

The Nexus

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