Reaver Race

Reaver wearing common atmosphere suit.

Few things in the universe are as feared and mysterious as a Reaver. The few that roam civilized society are avoided like the plague. Even the most stupid thug knows an altercation with a Reaver isn’t worth it, and most police forces tend to turn a blind eye to any Reaver activities.

Reavers are only seen in the male variety- at least when compared to Humes. No one really knows what a Reaver looks like, for they constantly keep themselves fully clothed with anything they can find; scarves, hats, trenchcoats, hooded robes, et cetera. Even their military units are fully covered. The only distinguishing characteristic for Reavers are their glowing yellow eyes.
Some of the most notable Reavers tend to be on the side of an urban legend.

When they pop up in local lore, it’s often something about stopping a horrific crime, halting a would-be rapist, killing a murderer, hunting down fugatives, or helping a grieving family get revenge.

Nothing is really understood about Reaver technology, except for the destruction it rained upon countless outer worlds. The Reavers that drift from planet to planet on their own have never been seen carrying any of their own technology. In fact, the location of their home planet is still unknown, and no Reaver would ever mention it.

Raining fire.

Above: A frame from one of the few videos left of the Reaver war. Four elite Hume Marines suited in power armor firing at unknown targets as the Reaver orbital weapons bear down on their positions.

Below: More powerful Reaver weapons are used to destroy the city-scape.

Reaver attack.

Below: The aftermath of this attack.

(Not playable.)

Reaver Race

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